Ring Sizing

Ring sizing can be a bit tricky. It’s easy to buy a ring that’s a bit too tight or too loose, so it’s important to figure out your correct ring size before any ring purchase. You’ll avoid the discomfort of a ring that doesn’t fit properly and know exactly what to look for when shopping for that perfect jewel for your finger. Once you’ve worked it out, it’s a great idea to save the size in your phone so that you can refer to it whenever you need to.


Here are the best ways to find out your perfect ring size:
1. Ask a local jeweller to measure your finger.
This is the most reliable way to find out your size. Australian jewellers all use the same standard sizes. If you’re looking at buying a ring overseas, your local jeweller should have a size conversion chart to help you find out international ring sizes. Australia and the UK use the same ring sizing system but The US and Canada are different. Of course, if you need help with ring sizing, come into our Paris Argentina store in the city – we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
2. Order a Plastic Ring Sizer.
Plastic ring sizers are easily available to order online. They’re simple to use and you can pass them along to your friends when you’re done. If you follow the instructions, they’re reasonably accurate.
3. Print and use our Ring Sizer Tool.
Be careful when using this method because paper measuring guides can slip, crumple and be easily misread – however, if used correctly, they should give you a fairly good idea of your size.
We’ve made a ring sizing sheet. You can find it here.
After you print it out, make sure you check the ruler on the PDF against a physical ruler (sometimes printers can resize the document and change the measurement).
Cut out the paper ring slider and use it to measure your finger.




More Ring Size Measuring Tips:
Check that the ring slider fits easily over your knuckle.
If you have thin fingers but larger knuckles, you may need to order a half size larger.
Consider the temperature.
Cold makes fingers smaller, heat makes fingers bigger. Be careful because when measuring, the temperature can cause the ring size to be too loose or a tight squeeze.
Measure both hands.
The same fingers on each hand can measure differently. For example, your ring finger on your right hand may be an N 1/2, while the ring finger on your left may be a size N. Usually your dominant hand is slightly larger.
When in doubt, order up half a size.
Different ring styles will fit slightly differently.
Wide bands can be harder to slip over your knuckle, so you may need to increase the ring size. Consider ordering a half size larger than you usually would for bands 2mm or thicker.
Stacking rings should be within half a size of each other to stack well.
Rings with open bands are slightly adjustable.
You can pull the ring apart slightly to adjust the fit, but it only gives you a half size or so before it starts to affect the look of the ring.

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