Paris Argentina Originals

There is something magical that happens when you pick up a unique piece of jewellery. While you turn the piece over and around with your fingers you see the beauty of the stones and metals, and you can imagine how it would look across your neck, hung from your ears or wrapped around a finger.


The feeling of appreciation and wonder for a finished piece is something that I love to see spread over people faces and I am lucky enough to see that joy come from some of my own custom designed and worked jewellery pieces.

 Paris Argentina Original Rings

I have been designing the majority of the jewellery that I sell for many, many years now. My pieces are influenced by the passion of Argentina, the sleek minimalism of Danish design and the sophistication of Melbourne. Paris Argentinian Originals, are renowned for simplicity, quality, bold and contemporary designs. I love working with precious and semi-precious stones framed with both silver and gold.


Over the course of my career I have gone to great lengths to sort through natural stones and hand select those of both high quality and natural beauty and the metals are held to strict international jewellery standards for the category as stamped.


I am lucky enough to have formed close relationships with some of my customers over the 20-plus years I have been designing jewellery and it always brings a smile to my face knowing that they get the same joy from wearing my work as I do designing and creating them. That they have been collecting Paris Argentinian Originals throughout the years is icing on the cake for me.


Paris Argentina Original pendant & Earrings

For as long as they have sought out my jewellery pieces they have also been asking me to start a proper brand as a way to identify my unique jewellery.


I have now designed and incorporated a brand and stamp for all of my unique one-off pieces of jewellery. I call my creations “Paris Argentina Originals” …obviously Paris, because it is my name…..Argentina because is my place of origin and it is something that I carry in my blood and to some degree comes through in my designs and Originals because they are one-off pieces of handmade jewellery.


All my new creations are stamped with my individual logo. All pieces are also accompanied by a “Certificate of Authenticity” and if there are any older pieces of my work out there that someone would like stamped I am happy to do that for my friends.

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