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Welcome to Paris Argentina Jewellery!
Jewellery design duo Paris and Phianne, are based in Melbourne Australia. Their vision is creating a world of beauty from a love of fine craftsmanship, originality and superb materials – all of which are hard to find in today’s industrial scale mass produced offerings. Working with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and Australian opals, their designs are unique, contemporary and chic. A specialty is the creation of contemporary, one of a kind custom made engagement rings.  Every piece is crafted to last and to be a joy to wear.


Ixtlan, Paris and Phianne’s former shop, was born many years ago before they came to Melbourne. The new name, Paris Argentina, first popped up in an early Melbourne conversation, an exciting moment for the pair, who were ready and impelled for a change.
Paris Argentina connects to the elegance, design and arts underpinning modern Melbourne, the same arts that add wonder to the most glamourous cities of the world. Paris Argentina reflects their origins and travels, and an Argentinian family history mixed with adventurous French, Danish and Spanish ancestors. And more than that it represents a love of creating sophisticated, hand crafted contemporary jewellery, which will stand anywhere it is worn.


About Paris
Paris’s pieces are influenced by the passion of Argentina where he is originally from, the sophistication of Denmark where he spent many years (Who isn’t captivated by the silverwork in Denmark?) and the colorful diversity of Melbourne. He loves working with precious and semi-precious stones, framing them in unique ways with both silver and gold.
Paris never tires of searching the world for and hand selecting the most beautiful stones.
“Each stone I choose will stand out and impress me with its natural beauty,” He explains passionately.. “Anyone who knows me will tell you I can talk incessantly about stones 24/7. As well as the rich quality of the stones, it is very important to me that the precious metals I use in my designs are held to the strictest international jewellery standards. The metals must match the categories in line with the stamps.”


About Phianne
Living in Japan, Phianne fell in love with the beautifully tailored clothing and jewellery which matched the sophistication of Japanese culture. It was a time when all the major designers worldwide designed and made their clothes inhouse – same for Melbourne.
The ateliers in each fashion house were extremely skilled. Sadly, so many of them, together with the traditions of the atelier, have slowly disappeared. It is so important that we keep and nurture the skills which underpin our culture and that we return to the love of things well made.
“When I am working on our designs,” She says, “I am always imagining how the design will match and add to our contemporary lives. It is so important to me that a piece of jewellery will add those extra elements of sophistication and elegance as well as a lively spark. I want our pieces, no matter the size, to stand out. For me, fashion is an art. We dress up for others to make their day brighter.”

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