Are opals a good choice for engagement rings and wedding jewellery?

Today we’re talking about the opal engagement ring. With their fiery play of colours and unique charm, opals are lending a fresh

Why Unique Handmade Jewellery?

In this fast world that we are living in, we are constantly presented with the choice between a vast sea of cheaply

Handmade Opal Jewellery

Opals are extraordinary gemstones. They come in an incredible range of colours including brilliant white, blazing red, majestic purple, burnished orange and

The Magical Attraction of a Black Opal Ring

So versatile, a black opal ring looks great paired with any outfit. From casual jeans and tees to a tailored skirt and

Moonstone – The Stuff of Dreams

I love a myriad of gemstones, but rainbow moonstone jewellery is the stuff of dreams. They are one of my favourite gemstones

Our Little Rituals

  Although designing and making unique jewellery is what we do, we believe that the secret to an inspired and happy life

The Call of the Wild

The attraction of a piece of jewellery crafted with natural gemstones is in the enchanting details that make a stone extra special

Oh, Emeralds!

Lush green emeralds hold a tantalizing, mystical attraction.   From Elizabeth Taylor in her magnificent Bulgari emerald and diamond necklace to Cleopatra

Things We Love

  Spending a lot of time at home has given us a renewed appreciation of our immediate environment. Beautiful objects are important.

How to Wear Dark Florals

There’s something quietly glamorous about jewel-coloured flowers on a dark background. I’ve been collecting dark floral dresses and skirts for a while